Bylaws for Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball




Section 1: To teach our youth the fundamentals of the game of Basketball.


Section 2: To promote sportsmanship, team play and loyalty to themselves and their fellow persons.


Section 3: To conduct and sponsor programs and events for the purpose of raising moneys to be used for general purpose of said corporation.


Section 4: To perform acts which may be necessary in order to conduct the general purposes of this corporation, which are in the scope of the laws of the State of Indiana.


Section 5: Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball is to follow all Federal and State laws concerning the Equal Opportunity Act. Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball will not discriminate against any person because of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual origin, disability, or veteran status.




Section 1: Coaches, parents and any other interested parties may become a member of this organization. Coaches, parents and other interested parties may become a member by volunteering their time and completing the necessary paperwork that is required for all volunteers, paid all said registration fees, and by participating in fundraising as set forth by Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball.


Section 2:


(a) Any youth playing on a team of Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball will be a member of said organization.


(b) All participants must turn in all necessary paperwork completed and signed before he/she is able to participate in any practice.


(c) At any Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball practice or game, any person who (1) verbally abuses, (2) attempts to intimidate, (3) is fragrantly rude, or (4) cannot control their language or actions with an official, coach, board member, or site supervisor will be immediately removed from the Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball event along with their child/children and issued a written warning regarding their behavior. Any person who commits a second similar offense will be banned from Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball events, along with their child/children, for the remainder of the season. Any person who physically assaults an official, coach, Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball volunteer, board member or person will be banned from our program along with their child/children for one year. After one year, the person may apply for re-instatement of his/her child/children. If the person commits a second offense, he/she with their child/children will be permanently banned from Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball.


Section 3:


(a) The Board, by two-thirds vote of those present at any duly constituted function, shall have the authority to remove any member of any class when the conduct of such person is considered detrimental towards the Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball organization, its members or spectators.


(b) All applications for Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball may be accepted or denied by the Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball Board by a two-thirds majority vote with no just cause.


(c) Membership may be terminated by resignation or by the action of the Board. The Board by simple vote will have the final decision after the board’s discussion at any duly constituted or special board meeting. The Board shall have the authority to reprimand, suspend or terminate the membership of any member when conduct of such person is detrimental to the best interest of Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball. In case of a split vote, the President will break the tie.




Section 1:


(a) This organization consists of nine board officers who will serve for a two-year term beginning in March. The officers of this board shall be: President, Vice President of Boys, Vice President of Girls, Treasurer, Secretary, Basketball Commissioner, Fundraising/Event Coordinator, Site Manager, and Equipment Manager. President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary will be voted on during odd years and Basketball Commissioner, Fundraising/Event Coordinator, Equipment Manager, and Site Manager will be voted on during even years. The alternating elections process will ensure continuity of league operations during turnover of board officials. A nominee for President must be a board member in good standing for a period of at least two years prior to his/her nomination. All officers will have an equal vote on league matters. The President does not have a vote and will only vote in the event of a tie.


(b) Nominations of new Board Members will be put forth only during a regular meeting and must be voted on.


(c) All Board Members shall sign a Covenant of said duties.


(d) All potential Board Members shall sign a Covenant of said duties upon request of being considered a Board Member.


(e) All discussions, proceedings and decisions of the Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball Board shall remain confidential. Any breach of confidentiality by a Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball Board Member can and will be considered a violation and could result in a disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Board with a two-thirds majority vote by the Board.




Section 1: The President shall preside at all meetings of this organization and he/she shall appoint all necessary committees. He/she shall sign all documents and perform all duties imposed upon him/her by this constitution. The President shall oversee all other Board positions. He/she is to oversee all areas pertaining to the Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball program, in order to make sure that all areas are being run properly. The President has the authority to authorize checks or cash not to exceed $200. Any check or cash that exceeds this amount must be approved by the Board.


Section 2: The Vice Presidents in the absence of the President shall perform his/her duties. They shall also assist the President in the performances of any duties pertaining to Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball. The Vice Presidents will work with the Basketball Commissioner to organize teams and schedules for the season. They have authority to authorize checks or cash not to exceed $200. Any check or cash that exceeds this amount must be approved by the Board.


Section 3: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all corporation records; receive all moneys and issue receipts; issue checks on all orders of treasury for payment of bills; and be prepared at all times to give the Board a report of money on hand. He/she shall perform functions and duties, which pertain to the office of Treasurer.


Section 4: The Secretary shall record and maintain written minutes of all Board Meetings; shall be responsible for and maintain copies of all Board correspondence; shall maintain a current list of the names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and meeting attendance records of all Board Members; and shall perform such duties and have such authority as may be delegated by the President.


Section 5: The Basketball Commissioner oversees the day to day components of the Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball program.  He/she is responsible for registration of basketball players and working with the Vice Presidents on the organization of teams and schedules. The Basketball Commissioner is responsible for reporting all new and or old business to the board that pertains to basketball and his/her players, teams, and or coaching staff at the set monthly Board Meetings. All emails coming in and going out will be the responsibility of the Basketball Commissioner.


Section 6: The Fundraising/Event Coordinator will be responsible for obtaining sponsorships for each team. He/she will be responsible for collecting the sponsorship fees and delivering the sponsor plaques to the sponsor at the end of the season. The Fundraising/Event Coordinator will be in charge of setting up for picture day, the free throw contest, pizza party day and trophy day. He/she will be responsible for getting pictures passed out when they arrive.


Section 7: The Site Manager will be responsible for the set up and break down of each Sunday. He/she will be responsible for managing the officials, scheduling the officials and making sure we have enough officials each week. The Site Manager will take care of all game day issues with coaches, parents and officials. He/she will be responsible on retaining and replacing officials as needed. The Site Manager will coach and teach any official that needs help with the rules of our league.


Section 8: The Equipment Manager will be in charge of ordering new jerseys for the players each year. He/she will work with the Vice Presidents and Basketball Commissioner to get the correct jersey sizes and amount needed. The Equipment Manager will maintain the equipment we have at the school, which includes basketballs, wrist bands, and adjustable hoops in the fieldhouse and east and west gyms. He/she will be responsible for ordering new equipment for the league. All orders are subject to approval by the Board.




Section 1:


(a) Elections of Board Members will be automatic, (if uncontested) even if minutes do not reflect the same. As long as the Board Members are fulfilling their job, they can remain on the Board for up to two (2) years in the same position. After two (2) years, the Board is to vote on keeping the said Board Member in that same position.


(b) Nomination of any new Board Member of this organization shall take place at any regular meeting or at the meeting date in March.


Section 2: The Board manages the property and affairs of Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball. Any new Board Member, upon election, immediately enters the performance of their duties.




Section 1: Meeting of the Board may be called any time by the President.


Section 2: Regular meetings shall be held once a month or as needed/scheduled.


Section 3: All special meetings shall be called by the President.


Section 4: The time and location for holding of meetings shall be designated by the President.


Section 5: The President or Vice Presidents shall notify all active Board Members of the meeting.


Section 6: Any Board Member missing three (3) regular meetings and or events in a twelve (12) month period, without properly notifying the President with a valid excuse before hand, shall be notified of being removed from the Board.


Section 7: All meetings shall be governed by these Bylaws.


1) Called to order by the President.

2) Role call by one of the Vice Presidents (all Board Members are required to sign in).

3) Reading of minutes of the previous meeting by one of the Vice Presidents followed by

any questions and a vote for acceptance of the minutes.

4) Treasurer’s Report by the Treasurer, or President when he/she is not in attendance,

followed by any questions and a vote for acceptance of the Treasurer’s report.

5) Reports by the President.

6) Old business (updated information).

a. League matters.

b. Other old business.

c. Site matters.

7) New business.

8) Notice of next meeting.

9) Adjournment.



Section 1:


(a) Any individual wishing to be considered as a coach for a team must be submitted.


(b) All coaches involved in Hanover Jr Wildcats Basketball must abide by the coaches’ Policy and Bylaws.


(c) All head/assistant coaches must submit to a National background check.




Section 1: Any proposed amendment to these Bylaws may be submitted at any regular meeting. Should a majority of active Board Members in attendance approve the proposal, it shall be considered for final approval at the next regular scheduled meeting.


Section 2: A two-thirds vote of the active Board Members in attendance shall be required to pass an amendment.


Section 3: Should any proposed amendment fail to pass the two-thirds vote, it may not be re-submitted within a two (2) month period.









































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