1st Grade – 6th Grade




Dear Coaches:


The Hanover Junior Wildcats Basketball program is tipping off another season of its basketball league and we want to thank you for your efforts and time to help make this program a success. We are only as good as our staff, coaches, refs and volunteers. The following is a list of items that I would like to cover before we begin our 2019-20 season.


1.     Website for everything (rules, schedules, contact information, changes, etc.).

2.     Rule changes (see handout and refer to or website).

3.     Coaches on sideline (only 2 coaches allowed on bench and only 1 can stand).

4.     Our officials (They are high school teenagers trying their best. Please support and assist them. You are the adult and let’s make sure we set the example.).

5.     Parents (issues and how to escalate, open communication, make yourself available).

6.     Equal playing time (Regardless of how many kids you have, they must play equal quarters not minutes. That is the key to this, equal quarters not minutes. It is too hard for you and we do not expect you to keep track of minutes. Knowing who’s played per quarter is much easier.)

7.     Mats (This is a HUGE issue with the high school and we have had to deal with this for years. We have implemented rules that will be enforced. We need your help! Please step up and tell anyone who may be sitting, jumping, climbing, or standing to get off of the mats.).

8.     NO food or drink in the fieldhouse (no food or drink is allowed in fieldhouse, water only).

9.     Kids MUST have FUN! (We encourage you to have fun with your team. This is not high school or the NCAA. This league is to keep kids interested in the game of basketball and want to continue playing. To assist them in realizing with hard work they can accomplish their goals.).

10. Encourage your kids, help them learn (If they mess up, don’t say “C’mon, What are you doing! Why don’t you know how to listen! You screwed up! Now we lost because of you!” Instead ask and teach, “Hey tell me what you think happened? What can we do next time to make sure that doesn’t happen?” Get them to speak to you so they can understand and now you’re helping them learn. Now you’re a COACH!).

11. Plays, drills, practices (If you are new to coaching, please before you leave write down your email. I will send you lists of tests, websites, drills, offensive plays, defensive plays, out of bounds plays, etc.).